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V.Aquarium Ltd.,Part.

A leading export company of lives tropical fishes in Thailand. We are located at 263 LeabklongParsricharoen Fangtai Road, Nongkheam District, Nongkheam Bangkok Thailand .

We are experienced for export lives tropical fishe since 1969. Our 52 years of experience can gurantee you for safety, secure and on time delivery. We have the most species of fresh water fishes for your request and reasonable prices.

We supply all kind of aquarium freshwater tropical fish in Thailand work with excellence quality aquatic ornamental tropical fish only.

Our services

Export & wholesale all kind of aquarium freshwater tropical fish in Thailand, ornamental fish and aquatic plants in Thailand.

We have more than 220 species of aquarium freshwater ornamental tropical fish for export to international.

Our Difference

The quarantine procedure is an important step for quality assurance. Fishes are subjected to stress during harvesting, stocking, selecting, packing and temperature changes. This lead to a suppression of the immune system or loss of appetite. As a result, the fishes can become susceptible to pathogens and infection.

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